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“Long story short… I’ve worked out for many many years doing a variety of shall we say “traditional” workouts, some with trainers–weights, military style boot camps, running etc.  often got injured, as witnessed by 3 shoulder surgeries, torn quads— and a horrible golf game. Horrible.  I never golfed more than 10-12 times a year but I sucked.   Always tried to muscle it? Or even if I didn’t think I was muscling it–I must’ve been.
Haven’t played in about 3 years, or about the same time I started Corefire
Went golfing for first time about 2 months ago.  Beat my previous best by 15 strokes.   Smooth, fluid swing.
Thought it was a fluke. Tried it again.  Was better by another 5 strokes, driving the ball 260 yards– and I’m no spring chicken
I have done nothing different but change my workouts.   

Thank you Corefire. Golf en fuego…..”

Loyal Corefire member of 3 years


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