It’s hard not to be inspired by the NYC marathon: thousands of runners unite together on this very special day to test their bodies AND brains for 26.2 miles. While you are lacing up your running shoes, don’t forget to book your next Corefire class. Although running and Corefire might seem like completely different ends of the exercise spectrum, they are the perfect complement. In fact, incorporating Corefire into your running program will improve your cardio game so much so that Runner’s World named Corefire one of the “10 Best Fitness Classes for Runners”.


Running takes a toll on the body. When you run, you are performing the same movements repetitively, which leads to overdevelopment of certain muscle groups (specifically, the quadriceps & lower back), while almost ignoring your core muscles and hamstrings. As a result, runners often suffer injuries and forced breaks in their training schedules. Corefire sessions build the core strength crucial to safe speed while also improving body alignment and balance. Using Corefire’s resistance-based methods, you will engage your muscles to work synergistically to boosting efficiency, which results in better running form and speed.


Caitlin DiRuggiero, co-founder of Corefire, started training with Corefire with the goal of finishing her first marathon. “Ange and I signed up to run the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research after a friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We started to train, but kept getting stuck on mile 7-8 with no hope in sight.” After being convinced that marathon training required more than just running, Cait and Ange stumbled upon Corefire’s Lagree Method. “After 4 weeks, we noticed a major difference on how we felt when we ran. Our glutes, abs and obliques began to fuel our runs. We blew past our mileage ceiling and crushed the runs with no problem, which was absolutely never the norm for us.”


Ready to power through your first run? There are some great local races that can get you started – and who knows, maybe even push you to participate in the 2018 NYC Marathon! Don’t forget to Book your first burn for free! .


On Thanksgiving day, Glen Rock is hosting their annual 5K and kids fun run. Get your run on with Racefaster before sitting down to your holiday meal.


The Ashenfelter 8K Classic in Glen Ridge on the same day includes the Tom Fleming One Mile run. Not a bad way to get your burn in before celebrating with family and friends.


Rooting on your fellow runners also burns calories! Many of your favorite Corefire coaches will race in the Montclair Bread Co 5K Doughnut Run. Cheer them on December 10th!

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