At Corefire, we recognize how incredibly hard everyone works during each and every 45 minute session. We also know how important it is to properly refuel after our intense workouts. This is why we are pumped that both our Montclair and Ridgewood locations are located SO close to two new and healthy “fast casual” dining options, Samba Bowls(Ridgewood) and Juice Culture (Upper Montclair).

Opened this past October, Samba Bowls offers unique made- to- order mouth-watering bowls and smoothies. Located in the heart of the Ridgewood business district, Samba Bowls boasts a variety of superfood boosters – from acai and bee pollen to  chia seeds and goji berries – enabling you to consume a full day’s supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one delicious bowl. If you’re always on the go like your Corefire coaches, you can conveniently order online or via the shop’s app – and have your food delivered curbside to your car! Samba Bowls owner, Jenny Sayegh, gave us the inside scoop: over the winter they will offer delicious oatmeal bowls with the same yummy toppings that have made this popular new Ridgewood healthy option a must visit.


Juice Culture, which popped onto the Montclair scene at the end of July, offers all- organic smoothies, blends and bowls. Husband and wife team, Greg and Kacy Erdelyi, recently moved their family of four from Brooklyn to Montclair and missed having local, healthy fast-casual options where they could grab convenient snacks for their whole family. Since Upper Montclair did not have what they needed, the Erdelyi duo created it – thankfully for all of us! Juice Culturehas quickly become a sensation in Montclair, offering online and app ordering, as well as curbside delivery starting at 7:15AM for commuters rushing for the train. Want a smoothie delivered to Corefire right after your session? Juice Culture will do that too! Coolest of all, this hot shop has just given us the 411 that they will be expanding their menu to include bulletproof coffee, organic soups, and grain bowls.


What’s more exciting than these new healthy “fast” food destinations located within steps of our Ridgewood and Montclair Corefire locations? The fact that if you mention COREFIRE throughout the month of December, you will get a 10% discount at both locations. Now you can thank us for good sweat AND good grub!

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