New month, new year… same goals? If you find that every January, you kick off the year seriously vowing that this time it will be different, this post is for you.

As a Fitness and Food Coach, I’m all about the long game when it comes to goals and habits; in order to see progress, it’s about consistency over time. However, there’s definitely something to be said about occasionally becoming hyper-focused (and hyper-dedicated) in order to drive results in the short-term.

Which brings us to the classic New Year’s Resolution conundrum: You feel motivated (or perhaps frustrated by your current status) and as a result, set unrealistic, unattainable goals. While you might start strong with the best of intentions, before long, you lose steam and throw in the towel.

Check out these sobering statistics:

  • 40% of people make New Year’s resolutions.
  • …but 45% of those people drop their New Year’s resolutions after a month.
  • It’s estimated that only 8% of those who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them.

I’m certainly no math major, but some simple calculations reveal the following: according to those statistics, out of 100 people who made resolutions January 1, less than 5 will stick to them.

That’s not exactly motivational.

In my years of coaching clients, I’ve observed some common reasons I think there is such a low success rate for sticking to your resolutions or goals.

  • We try to address too much at once
  • Our goals are not SMART (that’s an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound)
  • We focus too much on the end goal (and not the process)
  • Our habits don’t support our goals
  • We depend too much on willpower
  • We don’t build in accountability

Author and habit expert Leo Babauta estimates that when you focus on changing one habit at a time, the likelihood of retaining that habit for a year or longer is 80%. However, if you try to change more than one habit at a time, the success rate drops to as low as 20%.

Here’s the thing: all of those reasons I just mentioned are really just symptoms of a larger issue. If we focus on tackling one seemingly monstrous task first, it truly becomes much easier to take the necessary steps to reach your individual goals.

This is exactly why I designed Corefire’s inaugural January 21-day Jumpstart. Three weeks where you can focus on improving your diet in ways that are yes, challenging, but totally doable. (No calorie counting, no food measuring, no starvation cleanses – just eat from the “approved” list as much as you need to satiate your hungry and provide energy for your endeavors.)

And since one healthy habit begets another, supplementing your Jumpstart eating habits with structured workouts will only enhance results. Certainly a month of unlimited Corefire classes will get those muscle-building, fat-burning metabolisms firing on all cylinders! (And for those of you who want to take it up a notch, also included are 3-bodyweight at-home workouts that will take you 30 minutes or less.)

Finally, and perhaps the most important piece: accountability. You may know from past experience that being accountable to your goals exponentially improves your chances for success, whether that’s in your personal life or professional life. An integral part of the January 21-day Jumpstart is accountability. Not only will you have an opportunity work with me on identifying your goals and clarifying your strategy, but you will be held accountable with a daily food and fitness journal.

While that might seem like another thing to add to the “to-do” list, research overwhelmingly confirms the efficacy of recording your goals and progress. And since it’s for a specific and relatively short period of time, the added effort is totally worth the results!

So if you are feeling inspired to take steps toward a healthier, happier you in 2018, definitely check out the January 21-day Jumpstart, and email me at liz@mycorefire.com with questions.


Cheers to the New Year!
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