Today we are continuing our Local Spotlight Series on amazing and incredible members of our #fuegofamily.  We are featuring local Ridgewood abstract artist, Tori Schoeler. She has four children under the age of 10 and has found the time to return to her artistic roots, pick up her paint brushes and create some of the most coveted pieces in Bergen County. We sat down with this busy woman, in between her weekly Corefire sessions, to find out a little about her and her inspiration.











Tell me a little about you & your family?

My husband Doug and I grew up in Ramsey together.  We have known each other since middle school, started dating when I was in high school, and eventually got married. We live in Ridgewood and have 4 children, Luke (10), Maeve (8), Liam (6), and Gracie (4).  The kids are all involved in sports and numerous activities but we love our family time together…Going on vacations, watching movies, playing games and more!


What made you decide to start to paint?

I have had a love of art since I was a little girl. I was always sketching, doodling, coloring, painting, etc.  My high school art teacher was very encouraging.  I was awarded the Visual Arts Award and she insisted I take classes outside of school.  I went to the Old Church Cultural Center in Demarest and took everything from still life paintings to watercolors, oils, acrylics and pottery. It was a way to turn off the noise of everyday life and be surrounded by other talented artists.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

It has definitely changed over the years.  Just like fashion and trends, my taste for art changes too.  I love to paint abstract landscapes. They are soothing to look at and everyone can relate to nature.  Everyone has a favorite place and I love to capture that feeling of when you’re there.  Blue is by far my favorite color so I’m always incorporating shades of blue in my pieces.


How do you balance family and your artistic endeavors?

This is the challenge!  With four small children and their busy schedules, it’s not always easy.  I go to the Stable in Ridgewood once a week and paint there in the art studio with other artists.  At least I know I have 2 hours away from the house and kids.


Do you think your painting has influenced your children?

My children are my biggest fans!  They pull up next to me, take a blank canvas and paint along side of me. Especially my little one.


Do you have any balancing tricks you use when planning your week? 

Even if it’s just for a few hours, find time to do what moves you.  I love getting up really early before my kids wake up.  It’s the magic hour.  Anything can be a accomplished with a hot cup of coffee!


Where can people buy your beautiful creations?

I love doing commissions.   I also just launched an Instagram page… @VTSchoelerART and I have a small collection of paintings at Coco Curtain Studio in Ridgewood.

Do you know any fellow members of the #fuegofamily we should spotlight? Comment below! We can’t wait to meet you!

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