Our friend is clear of cancer & we open COREFIRE in our hometown: Montclair! We also adopt 3 bulldog sisters together – Mozzarella, Baked Ziti and Cutlet.

Lightbulb moment, “This workout changed our lives, it’ll do the same for others. Let’s bring it home.” Garage sale! Sell everything + pack up the car. Back to NJ!

A close friend is diagnosed with cancer at 23. We reevaluate life and decide to do the impossible – run 26.2 miles to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. After months of [...]

Before we graduate with degrees in Marketing (Cait) and Finance (Ange), we take a joint internship together at ABM. We clean toilets at midnight. Zero complaints because it is so much fun to be [...]

We graduate high school, kicking & screaming. Close friends and family tell us to spread our wings, so we attend separate colleges. Providence College & University of Scranton ?. We [...]