COREFIRE has deep roots in Montclair, and we’re thrilled to bring the Lagree Fitness Method to the community that has given us so much.

We met when we were 12 in school in Montclair and have been best friends ever since, staying active by playing field hockey, skiing, surfing and even the occasional sky-dive.  After college, we both moved to San Diego, working corporate jobs in real estate to support our newfound West Coast “work to live” mentality.

When a close friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer, we decided to train for a marathon to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We found Lagree Fitness while looking for a low-impact workout that would strengthen our bodies and prepare us for the grueling long-distance runs. We immediately fell in love with the workouts. We quickly found ourselves making our schedules around times we could get time in on the Megaformers.


“Our favorite thing about Lagree Fitness is that anyone can do it”

On visits back home to NJ, we struggled to find a comparable workout. Classical reformer Pilates came close, but didn’t challenge and change our bodies the same way as Lagree’s workouts and machines.

Our favorite thing about Lagree Fitness is that anyone can do it—regardless of your starting point. We’ve learned that even a little work on yourself goes a long way. We’ve both experienced losses in our family due to preventable diseases like heart disease & diabetes, and we encourage anyone who’s looking to improve their health & fitness to come and try one of our classes. If we can do it, so can you!

Our genuine passion is to educate those on how their health is in their control & so we will donate a portion of our profits to  charities that educate future generations in health & nutrition wellness.

Feel good,

Angela and Cait

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