Private Training Intro package ($90 Discount)  6 sessions = $365 Must use sessions within 3 weeks of first visit to achieve beneficial results from your hard work. No exceptions. Purchase here or email us to schedule privates sessions.


“I currently have zero intention of participating in small group training, I value personal time and a fully customized experience!”

​For small group sessions, find an option that fits your schedule and wallet best. We reward commitment to self-care with discounts: the more you plan to sweat, the more you save. Follow our grid below to help find your best option:

  1.   Packages v. Memberships – see pricing grid, tab 1 and 2
  2.   Packages- great for varied schedules
  3.   Private Training
  4.    will provide
  5.    Fusion Packages
  6.    Will provide
  7.    Workshop Pricing
  8.    Will provide

We deeply appreciate you as a member of our Fuego Family! Please understand we implement these strict policies to protect everyone’s interests, and they are non negotiable. These conditions ensure everyone experiences 45 minutes of pure self-care with zero distractions. Our coaches are not able to make exceptions, so please understand they are following their responsibilities by enforcing these terms.

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