What makes COREFIRE the best?

Efficient – 45 minutes and you’re done. Simple as 1,2,3!

Effective- In a short period of time, you will achieve all 5 components of physical fitness.  

Customized- COREFIRE offers a highly personalized work-out. To ensure the best possible experience, we limit our sessions to a max of 11 people . Think private training with a few extra teammates around you! Our coaches constantly adjust alignment and encourage strong form to prioritize injury-prevention.

Unique- You will never have the same workout twice, so you’ll never plateau. More than 600 variations of movements and positioning will keep your brain and body engaged.

Low/Zero Impact—Every movement is designed to keep your joints & connective tissues safe. There is no impact on your knees or back via jumping or pounding the pavement.

Inclusive—We welcome every level. Did you hear that!? COREFIRE is for EVERY BODY at any level of strength. Whether you are a professional athlete, or you’ve never worked out before, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!  We offer a modification and advancement for every move to accommodate and challenge everyone at the appropriate level.

Mindful Movement— Movement starts in the brain, not the body. The slower you go, the stronger and more aware you’ll become.  We coach you to move as slowly as possible with intention and control. There is no contest, no finish line, no momentum, no recording reps, no competing with your neighbor.  

Form-Focused—FORM FIRST. We teach you proper form. We prioritize alignment and correct muscle activation above all else to ensure injury prevention. Keep the form and the strength will come!

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