The benefits? In each session, we’ll help you achieve every single component of physical & mental well-being. From cardiovascular health and muscular strength to flexibility and mindfulness, your body and spirit will FEEL THE FUEGO at COREFIRE.


Achieve every single component of physical & mental well-being

After each session, you will have achieved greater success in the following: 

     Cardiovascular endurance— Improve the efficiency of your lungs, heart and blood vessels as they work together to energize you all day long.

      Muscular strength— Fortify your muscular power. Simple tasks like carrying groceries, lifting children, or walking down the street can become a breeze!

     Muscular endurance— Train your muscles to perform for  extended periods of time without fatigue or injury.

     Flexibility + Mobility— Improve your body’s range of motion + get your joints moving to avoid long-term pain and stiffness.

     Body composition— Optimize your body’s relative amount of muscle, fat and bone density. We’re not talking about weighing in!! The scale does not measure your optimal composition (or self-worth), only your gravitational pull towards the earth.

    Static + Dynamic Balance— Stabilize yourself upright and smoothly control your body’s movement and coordination

     Mindfulness— Control your brain, control your movement & control your life. Our coaches help create space between mental and physical triggers and reactions.

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