Tell me about the WAITLIST.

  • ABSOLUTELY put yourself on the waitlist! 75% of the time the waitlist moves (thanks to our cancellation policy), so you have a great shot at getting the spot you desire!
  • Check your email frequently during the 12 hour span prior to class. You will receive email confirmation if you are added to the class. If it is within 2 hours of class, please check the roster as you will not receive an email at that point.
  • You keep your class credit if you do not get off the waitlist.
  • Please remove yourself from the waitlist 12 hours in advance of the class if you do not plan to attend. If you are added to the class and fail to remove yourself in time, you will be charged accordingly as you are deemed a participant in that session.

How can I check my status?

1)  Log into Your account

2)    “My Info”

3)    “My Schedule”

4)     If you are added to the class it will say “Waitlist Unconfirmed.”

  1.    Confirm it!
  2.    If you do not want to take this class be sure to remove yourself. .

What if I’m late?

  • New clients: to ensure everyone’s safety, you must arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your first session. All new students are required to receive proper safety instruction about our method. Our coaches also need to learn about any of your limitations/injuries that they might be working with. If you do not arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the session, you will not be permitted to participate in that class.
  • Existing clients: if you arrive over 5 minutes late, your spot may be given to a standby student.
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