What Should I Expect at COREFIRE?

In each session, we'll help you achieve every single component of physical & mental well-being. From cardiovascular health and muscular strength to flexibility and mindfulness, your body and brain will transform at COREFIRE!

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Strengthen Your CORE

Corefire focuses on engaging and strengthening core muscles, thus promoting strength and endurance in the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Corefire works to promote balance throughout the body.


A Game-Changer

COREFIRE Coaches lead unique, fun sessions that introduce form-focused strength, energy, and balance into every human body and brain.

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The COREFIRE Approach

Under the guidance of a COREFIRE Coach, you will develop strength by guiding your natural ability through various movements. Every movement begins in the nucleaus of your body - your CORE - which we help you strengthen and stabilize from the inside out.

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